A Trip to Rugged Ladakh, Pride of Kashmir: Ladakh, India


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You know what they say about - if there is a heaven on earth, it has got be . If you have been to , which is a part of Kashmir, you cannot agree more with that statement. I, along with three of my friends, recently visited the region, and it was sheer beauty.

There is something magical about Ladakh which draws you to it in the very first instant. It is almost like falling in love at first sight.

It all started with a visit of the monasteries

Our Ladakh started with a visit to the most important monasteries of Ladakh. We visited the Shey Palace, the Hemis monastery, Thiksey and Alchi monasteries on the second day of our arrival in Ladakh.

I had read about the beauty of the monasteries of Ladakh, but they were even better than what I had read in books and online. Some of the monasteries of Ladakh date as far back as 11th century. I could not help but marvel at the amount of hard work which must have gone in to make such beautiful monasteries back then. There were no machines to work with in that era and the terrain of Ladakh was as as it is now.

Lamayuru Monastery A Trip to Rugged Ladakh, Pride of Kashmir: Ladakh, India photo

A visit to Pangong Lake followed

After a day of visit to the monasteries, it was time to visit the magnificent Pangong Lake. It is a remote lake with captivating beauty. When we reached there, all of us were almost stupefied, looking at the marvelous turquoise blue color of the lake. And as much as the lake was beautiful, equally exciting was the journey to it.

We crossed Changla Pass on the way, which is one of the highest motorable roads in the world. We stopped for a while on the pass to take in the breathtaking views. It was simply stunning.

Pangong Lake A Trip to Rugged Ladakh, Pride of Kashmir: Ladakh, India photo

We even had a fun camel safari

After Pangong Lake, we were driven to Nubra Valley, also called the valley of flowers in Ladakh. We could see different varieties of flowers, and with the sun shining bright, they looked even more beautiful.

But what was more mesmerizing was the diverse terrain of the valley. The lush meadows of the valley transformed into sand dunes almost seamlessly. There are sand dunes in Nubra Valley between the villages of Deskit and Hunder, and that’s where we had a fun camel safari.

Ladakh is home to the rare double hump backed camel. The camel safari was relaxing and fun. Honestly speaking, I had always thought of a camel safari in the heat of Rajasthan, but this was something completely different.

We ended the tour with a relaxing rafting experience

We ended our trip to Ladakh with a relaxing rafting ride in Zanskar River from Phey to Nimo. The region has Grade II and Grade III rapids. It was far removed from the exhilarating rafting of Rishikesh, but it was fun nevertheless.

Zanskar River near Chilling A Trip to Rugged Ladakh, Pride of Kashmir: Ladakh, India photo

And although we intended to do much more, we were short on time and had to bid adieu to the destination. However, we have vowed to come back to the destination sometime soon, and this time, we are definitely going to try trekking in Ladakh.

I have heard trekking in Ladakh is a beautiful experience, and I surely want to experience it at least since before I die. Honestly speaking though, I am a little afraid of heights, and trekking here is going to be more than challenging for me.

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Travellers warned over high insurance excess

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Travellers warned over high insurance excessGetty

Holidaymakers have been that some travel polices have very levels hidden in the small print, which means they could end up seriously out of pocket if they need to make a claim.

The Independent on Sunday has commissioned exclusive research, carried out by the price comparison website Moneysupermarket.com. This revealed that in some cases the excess levels are so high that the policy is virtually worthless.

For example, the best-priced cover for a single to the US for a family of four available from Travel Insurance Web, with a premium of £28.06, charges an excess of £200 on holiday cancellation but only has a maximum payout of £500. Baggage loss has a claim ceiling of £500, with an excess of £200.

However, for a few pounds more, the Virgin Money policy, with a premium of £32.98, pays out £3,000 on cancellation and £1,500 for baggage loss, with an excess of £100 on both.

Bob Atkinson, a travel insurance expert at Moneysupermarket told The Independent: “The cheaper policies don’t provide adequate cover and can also come with much higher excesses, effectively making it worthless to make a claim. In most cases, it is worth paying a few pounds more for suitable levels of cover. Some insurers, such as Virgin Money and the Post Office, allow you to pay an additional premium to waive your excess altogether.”

Another hidden danger is a clause in policies which says the excesses of everyone named on the policy are added together when making a claim.

Matt Tumbridge, director of InsureMyExcess.co.uk told The Independent: “Families can be hit badly if they have to make a claim because excess is so often charged per person. Many consumers will be put under severe financial pressure if they have to make a claim.”

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Greek crisis cuts the cost of holidays

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Greek crisis cuts the cost of holidaysGetty

The of a holiday to Greece has dropped dramatically as holidaymakers avoid travelling to the troubled country.

The Express reports that tour companies have slashed prices to encourage holidaymakers to visit Greece and both Thompson and Thomas Cook say that they have contingency plans in place to cope in the event of a euro exit.

Tourism accounts for 15 per cent of total output and one in five jobs in Greece, but strikes and riots have scared visitors off, and there is also concern that holidaymakers could face serious problems if Greece is pushed out of the euro.

The consumer group Which? has advised holidaymakers to book a package which would protect them from any trouble. However, tourism officials in Greece has promised that visitors will be able to make financial transactions as normal through the summer.

These concerns have had a direct effect on prices: Thomson is offering seven nights in Thassos for £155 per person, which represents a saving of £331. Big discounts are also being offered for other countries involved in the eurozone , such as Spain and Portugal.

Airtours is offering seven nights in Ibiza from £369 each, a saving of 39 per cent, or a week in Albuferia, Portugal, from £579, a saving of 40 per cent.

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