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Get the Best Exchange Rate When Changing Money on Your Travels – 5 Simple Tips

When you’re backpacking around the world, travelling through a lot of countries in a short period of time, it’s easy to lose track of what each currency that crosses your palm is worth. I know i’ve found myself in countries without a clue how much a can of coke or a sandwich should cost. This [...]

Travel Blog Design Tips for Great SEO

Tweet I recently read a fantastic post by Cyrus Shepard over at SEO Moz which included a really cool infographic that summed up some straightforward design points to maximise the SEO value of your blog. Whilst it wasn’t aimed solely at travel bloggers, i thought it would certainly be of interest to those in the [...]

Travel And Flight Tips For Your Europe Travel Tours

To ensure your comfort, security and enjoyment while on your Europe travel tours, familiarity with travel must-do’s is essential.   Of course, you can just wing it but don\’t expect to go easy breezy while you\’re at it. It is better to be over-prepared and ready than unprepared and sorry. So here are a few [...]