Mexico Vacation Deaths

. What the travel industry doesn’t tell you

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25 Responses to “Mexico Vacation Deaths”

  1. longfootbuddy says:

    i dont know what you expect…i guess a bubble to live in

  2. Baconishealthy says:

    oh yea 5* for speaking the truth

  3. Baconishealthy says:

    i suggest not to go to mexico and leave them be

  4. idzilovesmusic says:

    @TheUSNavyMarine i wonder the same

  5. CSUTAMTAM says:


  6. SilviaEckeMusic says:

    We were just in Cancun this past weekend– There were 12 murders in 1 week the week we stayed. It is getting worse due the the economy!

  7. krsiss says:

    @madferret96 because they didn’t inspect the balcony for safety

  8. madferret96 says:

    This is a good intention/wrong message video. How can you blame the hotel/area/country for deaths from the balcony?. Also, you can’t talk about crime numbers from all of the contry, when you are focusing on vacations periods specially Cancún.

  9. Besafe84 says:

    @FabulousTerrah Hmmmmm funny how one just assumes that is the cause for Nolan to slip under the water. How would you explain the total lace of medical respsonse. Does that happen everywhere in the world? Get a life and an education while you’re at it.

  10. carlosmaderahvactech says:

    fuck mexican cops

  11. laoriginal17 says:

    R.I.p ii feel sorry for what happen=))

  12. tonyLA24 says:

    most of the deaths in Mexico occur because of drug cartels. Mexican citizen and tourists are dying just because someone in the US wants to get high… That is the real source of the problem.

  13. nolan4784 says:

    So many people die falling from balconies because in Mexico, the balcony railing heights are far below the U.S. standard. Tourists lean back, and the center of gravity takes over. Very sad, very tragic and very unfortunate that our travel industry chooses to not tell us about this!

  14. TheUSNavyMarine says:

    I know how bad Mexico is, I went there for grad. But i’m kinda confused. How the fuck do so many people fall from balconys? Whats the difference between our balconys and theres.

  15. m00se321 says:

    My Friend was stopped, By the Police and Was extorted all his Money,or would go to JAIL!!…Never Leave your Resort,,if you do don’t leave by yourself!You see the Police HIDE!!!!!

  16. cocobongo1 says:

    Cancun is a fun place to party but being there so many times myself there are many safety risks especially at Oasis Cancun. The local authorities try to cover up any incidents to protect the tourism industry.

  17. flynneeee says:


  18. nolan4784 says:

    Pablo32123 you’re going to have to do better than that. The 32% statistic is far from “meaningless”. Between 1/1/07 and 6/30/09, 18 U.S. citizens died in Canada from a non-natural cause. During that same time period 582 U.S. citizens died in MEXICO from a non-natural cause. The fact remains….Mexico is a DANGEROUS country to travel to period! A little bit of education by would be travelers will convince them…stay out of Mexico. Spend your hard earned dollars somewhere safe.

  19. pablo321123 says:

    They fail to mention what the percentage of americans that go outside the country go to mexico. If 32% go to mexico and 32% of deaths occur in mexico then mexico is on par with anywhere in the world. It’s a meaningless statistic, lies, damned lies, and statistics.
    the report on the website mentions he was breathing when taken out of the pool. The symptoms read like alcohol poisoning not drowning. Granted, maybe he could have been saved with a first world health system, but this is mexico.

  20. 55555747 says:

    hey adi0o08 it dont matter if u go to school in mexico and study ur hardest and not use drugs or alcohol i know someone who is a dentist and still has to teach little kids at schools to get by living with their mom still at 34….but i respect u for fulfilling ur goals and dreams i wish u tha best of luck ill pray for u to do your best in life…peace

  21. adi0o08 says:

    im mexican..i know that we have alot of problems..but problems are all over the world, my ciuntry have a lot of good people,,,im just a mexican girl that study a lot, i have to go to tijuana to study everyfucking day, i work, i want learn many thinghs, i dont use drugs, i dont drink alcohol …dont talk about my country in a racist way or like “mexicaphobia”

  22. 55555747 says:

    ok most of yall will hate me but think bout it most of the americans hate illegal aliens nd talk down to mexicans nd u think they wont take that to the heart….truth is mexico is one of the worst countrys to go to nd they kill for the fun of it trust me i know those kids r lucky there are still 3 times more missing from the U.S. that went to mexico to party

  23. danielaslavin says:

    i don’t justify what goes on in Mexico its horrible, but if you feel that Mexicans are racist you also have to realize that as an “Anglo” you have contributed for most to them feeling this way, aren’t Anglo s the first ones to point out a brown person as a criminal , an illegal or a thief? is that being racist? what happened to these people is sad and wrong… isn’t it wrong also for the Hispanics to die just cause to you “we don’t belong here?”

  24. tijuanaclika says:

    why do you think drug cartel members kill cops all the time

    even the federal police hates the local police

    mexican authorities convict innocent people of crimes they know they cannot solve

    that is the main reason why drug traffickers are gloryfied over here

    because they give money to the poor, help the needy, and protect citizens from being taken advantage by the goverment

    tha is the reason why narcos are loved here

  25. Avalon400 says:

    We who live in North America know too well the violence & crime committed here by Mexicans & other Central Americans. It comes as no suprise when we hear about sensless diregard for human life south of that border.

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