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Costa Rica Vacation

If you are fortunate enough to land in San Jose Costa Rica during daylight hours you will see a large Central Valley surrounded by sleepy volcanoes, like silent watchmen waiting to awaken at the slightest provocation. We call this “landing in a postcard”. It whets the appetite for the Costa Rica vacation to come. Costa [...]

Cancun Vacations

A paradise in and of itself, Cancun is loaded with things to do. At first its the beach that draws us… But the Paradise doesn’t end there. Offering fine cuisine through a vast assortment of international restaurants, and also possessing many luxurious hotels, a thrilling nightlife, excellent shopping at the many duty-free malls, and artisan [...]

Mexico Vacations – Mayan Palace Acapulco – RCI Timeshares Mexico Vacations – Mayan Palace Acapulco – RCI Timeshares. The most exclusive and luxurious concept in Bandera’s Bay, this resort is an impressive construction integrated into the natural landscape. Enjoy oceanfront restaurants and a snack bar, Rouge wine bar with a selection of wines from around the world, a lobby bar, and pool bar. [...]