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Sri Lanka vacation – Take a trip to Ceylon

The big island Sri Lanka southeast of the southern tip of India is now a safe and very interesting destination for tourists. Collecting Ceylon tea leaves in Sri Lanka the most important crop for export. Sri Lanka is the most famous country of tea production under the name Ceylon tea. Ceylon was the name of [...]

Svalbard travel news with photos from Svalbard after fine weather forecast

Sailing on the Icefjord in Svalbard in beautiful weather, towards the glacier giving fine Svalbard photos. Photo Copyright To travel to Svalbard has been a big wish for me and my wife for several years. To refresh your memory of Svalbard it is the Norwegian Svalbard archipelago lying up in the Arctic far north of [...]

Journey of Life through Time in your armchair before going on Vacation – Frans Lanting Photography

Island vacation isn’t about videos or films, it is about the real experience of reality and we all love that. But what we experience is a mirror of what we know – ‘we see what we know’  so to speak. That’s why I want you to see this remarkable presentation of Frans Lanting’s photography project [...]