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Mexico Travel For Seniors

We are often asked by seniors or by those wishing to travel with an older relative whether or not it is wise to choose Mexico as a destination. The answer is an enthusiastic Yes!… with a little fine print. Mexico is a delightful place for seniors to travel. The people in general are gracious and happy [...]

How to Plan a Worry Free Vacation

I’ve always done the Griswold family vacation. My dad, an amazingly competent person, always tried to control his vacations to the point that he knew what meals would be served each time we ate at a restaurant. Despite this, we always had to deal with the unexpected. This might be a 10’ extension cord when [...]

Questions to Ask When Buying Timeshare

Buying a timeshare isn’t too different than buying a traditional piece of property in that there are many questions you will need to ask and have answered before you put your money down. There are many different types of timeshares with different values. You will need to know what type of timeshare you are buying [...]